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Our tour resumed down a green lane (a former road for troop movements) to the Efford Emplacement, an open earthwork battery, facing east, sited across a shallow valley between Efford Fort and Laira Battery. We passed through a sally port and across a filled-in part of the deep rock-cut ditch which defended its east face. Further gun and rifle positions were sited to enfilade the length of the ditch. From the sally port, for troops going to defend the Longbridge crossing, the route went over a drawbridge and via an embanked chicane. Our route brought us surprisingly quickly among the houses of Crabtree, our last point of interest being War Department Boundary Stone No.8 in Crabtree Close!

We thanked John for a most interesting evening. Most of us were surprised how extensive the Palmerston works were and how much had survived, though often concealed by vegetation. Some of us wondered whether Plymouth should be making more of this part of its military heritage.

Bob Bruce


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